Time 2 Lose Weight Program

Break through your own limitations, limited believes, procrastination, re-gain your self- esteem and make your dreams come true. Start living your LIFE now!

What makes this process different?
This is a complete, personalized system that allows you to rewire your brain to break old
habits and replace them with new healthy habits. It removes any of the reasons you might
fail … before they even happen. It works with your mind as well as your body. It is a
completely integrated system.

Many people have lost weight but just like most things you lose, you manage to find it again.
This is not a program about losing weight, it’s about discovering that slimmer, happier,
healthier person that already exists deep within you permanently. It’s about never going
back because you never want to go back. You are no longer tempted by foods that make
you feel fat, bloated, uncomfortable (and hungry again within a short space of time). You
will look and feel great all the time and with your new habits, you will stay that way and
enjoy your life, your health, and your food much more than you have in a long time –
perhaps more than ever before.

What is involved over the 12 amazing sessions?

Simply call me on 0450 282 452 to schedule an appointment. You will be sent some

paperwork to complete and bring along to your session. You will be given a detailed

preparation checklist to ensure that you are set up for success before you even start.

Your initial program will consist of:

~ A full assessment of your current situation and individual needs.

~ A comprehensive personalized hypnosis program.

~ Assessment of your metabolic rate and how to ignite your ideal fat burning metabolism.

~ Detailed, customized plan for total success.

~ All the resources you need to release the slimmer, happier you easily and effortlessly,

including meditation and hypnosis recordings to support you and ensure your success.

Our business is based on happy clients and referrals. Your success is our success. You have

finally found a program that can put an end to yo-yo dieting, disappointment, and

disillusionment. You will rewire your brain to ensure changes are easy and permanent. You

can finally be the person you want to be. You just need to take the first step to be on your

pathway to success. Book your appointment with me now!

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